Gerald T. Banks

Founder & Managing Partner

Gerald (also known as “Guerman”) is the founder and Managing Partner of Altpoint Capital Partners, an investment management group that he established in 2009 with offices in Greenwich, New York, and Los Angeles.

Gerald was previously a Managing Director of Structured Products at Merrill Lynch as well as Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, and subsequently a Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Rosbank headquartered in Moscow and Geneva. Since 2009 Gerald has been leading the strategy effort for Altpoint.

Gerald’s professional focus has always traded on big ideas, data driven analysis, and robust execution. He loves engaging with and supporting brilliant non-standard thinkers.

He is an expert aviator realizing his childhood dream of being a pilot, and has a penchant for the philosophy of science, as well as for Japanese culture and aesthetics.

Gerald has a Masters in Finance from London Business School, and a Masters in the Philosophy of Physics from Columbia University.

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